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Tempest 600 EP – 4 channel ready to fly aircraft (60cm wingspan)

Part No: RGRA1108

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The Tempest 600 EP is a great airplane for someone who either wants to get started in RC flight or an enthusiast who's looking for a relaxing, fun airplane to fly. It comes complete as a RTF, so everything you need is in the box (including a 2nd battery). The airframe is made from durable EPO foam and the pusher-style design and optional blade guard provide added safety. The Tempest also includes a lightweight 4-in-1 RX/ESC combo with two integrated 1.3-gram servos for control. Plus, the PASS (Pilot Assist Stability Software) provides novice pilots with 3 options for flight control as they learn to fly: Full Assist, Partial Assist, or No Assist (system off). These levels can be conveniently controlled from the transmitter during flight.

Key Features:

  Made from durable and easy-to-repair EPP foam

  Pusher-type design results in fewer broken props due to rough landings

  Included optional blade guard provides extra safety for younger pilots

  600mm wingspan allows for easy transportation

  4-in-1 Control System with two integrated 1.3-gram servos

  Coreless direct-drive motor delivers outstanding thrust and extended flight times

  2.4GHz transmitter provides interference-free link between pilot and aircraft

  Includes two 1S 3.7v 300mAh Lipo batteries for extra flying time

  PASS (Pilot Assist Stability Software) system provides confidence as skills progress

  With PASS, a simple transmitter-mounted switch allows pilots to easily choose from three levels of system engagement: Full Assist, Partial Assist, and No Assist.



  Wingspan: 23 5/8" (600mm)

  Length: 18 1/8" (460mm)

  Weight with Batt: 2 1/8 oz. (60g)

  Battery: 1S 3.7v 300mAh Lipo (2 included)

  Transmitter: 4-channel 2.4GHz

  On-Board-Electronics: 4-in-1 Control System with two integrated 1.3-gram servos

  Flight Controls: Rudder, Elevator, Throttle

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