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Alpha Falcon – 3 port .21 size pro competition engine (pre broken-in)

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Falcon Pro competition engine

Introducing the new Alpha engine, the Falcon series, all new for 2024. The Falcon is a fusion of cutting edge technology and innovative features.

pre broken-in, 3 port engine designed to the very highest specification. The Falcon continues with the Dragon V’s benefit of being easy to tune and within 2-4 tanks, be ready to race.

With the new engine, we are able to improve the following items;

1. Crankshaft Precision: The crankshaft undergoes meticulous CNC machining with added dynamic balancing weights, eliminating engine vibrations for optimized mid-low range acceleration and high-speed stability.

2. Cylinder Enhancement: Building upon Alpha's advanced engine pre-grinding techniques, we've introduced 2D projection measurements for precise piston fitting, ensuring impeccable factory quality.

 3. Piston: A revolutionary silicon-treated equalization process enhances durability, providing increased wear resistance and a prolonged lifespan with a stable thermal expansion coefficient. Perfectly suited for the demanding environment of A Main finals, delivering consistent and efficient performance over extended periods of high-intensity operation.


Experience the Alpha FALCON Series- where professionalism meets excitement in the world of new technology and performance.


  • Displacement - 3.49cc 
  • Bore - 16.26mm
  • Stroke - 16.8mm
  • Practical RPM Range - 4,000 to 41,000 RPM
  • Peak Power Output - 2.86PS @39,500 RPM
  • Weight - 360g
  • Ports - 3 port
  • Sleeve - ABC
  • Crankshaft Diameter - 14mm
  • Crankshaft Type - Anti-friction, silicone filled design
  • Glow Plug Type - Turbo
  • Exhaust Type - Rear
  • Carburetor Diameter - 8mm fitted (variable)
  • Carburetor Type - 3 needle
  • Crankcase Material - Aluminium
  • Cooling Head - Purple Anodised Aluminium




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