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falcon combo

Alpha Falcon – 3 port .21 size pro competition engine (pre broken-in) with EFRA 2159 tuned pipe combo

Part No: A-21-FALCON-CC

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Falcon Pro competition engine

Introducing the new Alpha engine, the Falcon series, all new for 2024. The Falcon is a fusion of cutting edge technology and innovative features.

pre broken-in, 3 port engine designed to the very highest specification. The Falcon continues with the Dragon V’s benefit of being easy to tune and within 2-4 tanks, be ready to race.

With the new engine, we are able to improve the following items;

1. Crankshaft Precision: The crankshaft undergoes meticulous CNC machining with added dynamic balancing weights, eliminating engine vibrations for optimized mid-low range acceleration and high-speed stability.

2. Cylinder Enhancement: Building upon Alpha's advanced engine pre-grinding techniques, we've introduced 2D projection measurements for precise piston fitting, ensuring impeccable factory quality.

 3. Piston: A revolutionary silicon-treated equalization process enhances durability, providing increased wear resistance and a prolonged lifespan with a stable thermal expansion coefficient. Perfectly suited for the demanding environment of A Main finals, delivering consistent and efficient performance over extended periods of high-intensity operation.


Experience the Alpha FALCON Series- where professionalism meets excitement in the world of new technology and performance.


  • Displacement - 3.49cc 
  • Bore - 16.26mm
  • Stroke - 16.8mm
  • Practical RPM Range - 4,000 to 41,000 RPM
  • Peak Power Output - 2.86PS @39,500 RPM
  • Weight - 360g
  • Ports - 3 port
  • Sleeve - ABC
  • Crankshaft Diameter - 14mm
  • Crankshaft Type - Anti-friction, silicone filled design
  • Glow Plug Type - Turbo
  • Exhaust Type - Rear
  • Carburetor Diameter - 8mm fitted (variable)
  • Carburetor Type - 3 needle
  • Crankcase Material - Aluminium
  • Cooling Head - Purple Anodised Aluminium


EFRA 2159 Polished exhaust system

Based on the previous EFRA Pipe sets from Alpha. This version is ideal to unleash the power of the Dragon IV engine series



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