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Avid - Ringer 3.5mm titanium turnbuckle set - Black (TLR 22T 4.0)

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The Avid 22T 4.0 Ringer Titanium Turnbuckle Set is our first dip into the turnbuckle market. These feature a shiny black finish with silver highlights making them pop on your vehicle like no others on the market due to our trademark round Ringer design which reflects more light than your traditional flat surface cuts. Lastly, we incorporated our logo machined into the center on all four sides so it won't wear off over time and makes it easy to determine which direction tightens or loosens (A-Arrow turning forward tightens the turnbuckle).


These carry our infamous replacement guarantee if they bend or break. After a year of testing, we have yet to do so on these 3.5mm versions.


Our Ringer design with directional A-Arrow's machined into the center requires several more steps in the manufacturing process when compared to what is available on the market now, which raises the cost to produce (black color, (4) silver rings, and (4) silver arrows). We believe this price is justified for the racers that want to have a unique turnbuckle that quite literally outshines the rest.


  • Machined from billet 6Al-4V Titanium and threads cold rolled.
  • Shiny black finish.
  • (4) bright ringer grooves and machined A-Arrow cuts to signify direction and so they don't wear off after use like a laser etch.
  • A bulky 4mm adjustment center.
  • Fits: 22T 4.0

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