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S2 chassis stiffener (Schumacher CAT L1R)

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Introducing theCAT L1R chassis stiffener.  The Schumacher Team have developed this stiffener to fit to the rear of the chassis. The surface of the stiffener covers the LiPo mounting area and reduces the uncontrolled flex at the rear of the CAT L1R.
This has been done to reduce the coiling up of the chassis, helping the car stay flatter in the corner and reducing the tendency to snap out on corner exits.

The RF strap will now be 1mm higher naturally so using an added 1mm spacing and not the 2mm spacer will take the strap up to the commonly run 2mm spacing.

Assembly guide: The rear transmission housings, LiPo hooks and the RF strap must be removed prior to assembly.  LiPo height will be 1mm higher thn kit therefore a 1mm spacer must be used under the LiPo swivel.

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